Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday”

Tuesday evening we celebrated Mardi Gras with a wonderful party. During the party we shared an old New Orlean’s tradition: the King and Queen Cake. In each cake is baked a small plastic infant. Both the man and women who find the infant in their piece of cake are chosen as the King and Queen of the Mardi Gras. A wonderful prize was awaiting each of the winners. Each winner was given a coupon to be redeemed at any time allowing them to ask a member of the Social Committee to take their place at doing dishes after lunch or dinner on one afternoon or evening.

We enjoyed each other’s company, eating, drinking, laughing, telling stories and some even played the card game “hearts.”

Please enjoy some of the pictures I took of our party.

The King and Queen Cakes

The “babies” are found

The King and Queen of the Mardi are crowned: Fr. Ed Foken and S. Cecilia Liew

The certificates are awarded

Did you catch the small print on the certificate. It states that, “selling this certificate is strictly forbidden and may result in forfeiture or the severest of penalties including but not limited to listening to John Derasmo’s jokes for one hour.”

Me and my date for the Mardi Gras

Playing a game of hearts

Staff Members: S. Helen, S. Susan, Br. Dennis and Br. Joe

Fr. Peter Callery, Fr. Jack McAtee and Fr. Rudy Breunig

S. Cheryl Marie Wagner, S. Pat George, S. Guia Jambalos and S. Rita Clancy

S. Joann wearing the festive dress of her country


One Response to “Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday””

  1. Brian Says:

    contrary to what they believe down there, i happen to find your jokes quite hilarious

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