Second Sunday in Lent – March 4, 2007

This past week I had the opportunity to begin a “Water Coloring” class being held at the Center. It is a ten session course. Watch out Georgia O’Keefe! Anyone who is familiar with the works of Georgia O’Keefe knows that I offer her no competition, for now! The course runs each Monday afternoon for the next 9 weeks. We are learning the basics of water coloring. Now that we can distinguish between a paint brush and paint we can proceed with creating our own master pieces. (By the way I visited the Georgia O’Keefe Art Gallery in Santa Fe last week. Quite impressive!

I’d like to share with you a beautiful prayer that was used earlier this week at one of our community prayer services. It is called, “Heart of Mercy” and was composed by Joyce Rupp and can be found in her book “Prayers to Sophia.”

“My mistakes and failings keep me humble.
They chide me with their blaming voices and pester me with their mocking comments.
They badger me with their poking fingers of disgrace and condemnation.
They hound me with the blame and guilt and a thousand other recriminations.

Walk with me through my mistakes and failings.
Let me hear your understanding and merciful voice.
We both know that I am not a perfect person.
Assure me that I am not a bad person either.
Keep teaching me about myself, about life, about you through these characteristics I would rather not have.
Remind me that they are my friends, not my enemies, that they are my teachers, not my wardens.

May I befriend the unwanted parts of myself and continually learn wisdom from them.
Thank you for lovingly embracing me as I am, while the murky layers
of my shortcomings are slowly transformed into Love.”

This past week we have been exploring “Losses and Grief.” We were blessed with the presence of Joan Guntzelman, a practicing psychologist and popular speaker and author, who leads seminars about the experience of grief and learning to mourn our losses. During the seminar we learned how to reverence our losses and how to express grief and mourning. Joan invited us to put together a “Loss History” (deaths, failed relationships, changes in assignments, etc.) so that we could review our own experience of loss and how we dealt with them in the past. These sessions were concluded with a very powerful prayer service put together by the Sangre Staff.

On Friday of this week we had the opportunity to visit a very popular shrine in Chimayo, New Mexico called “El Sanctuario.” The trip to Chimayo took about 45 minutes. “El Sanctuario” is called the Lourdes of America. The highlight of the year occurs each Good Friday when apprximately 25,000 – 30,000 pilgrims “walk” to this shrine from all over New Mexico some traveling throughout the night to reach “El Sanctuario.”

Below are some photos I shot of “El Sanctuario” during my visit to the shrine.

“El Sanctuario” of Chimayo

Rear Shrine in “El Sanctuario”

Sanctuary Area

Close-up of “Mayan Style” Cross

After we visited the shrine we traveled a short distance to visit “Ortegas” famous for their beautiful woven pieces. You can enjoy several of the highlights of that store by viewing the photos below.

Weaving Demonstration

Colorful Weavings

Weaved Pillows

Weaver’s Tool


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  1. Brendan Says:

    So nice… your 8 favorite pictures of the santuario…

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