Eight Day Silent Retreat – Beginning March 23, 2007

Hi Everyone:

This evening we began an “Eight Day Silent Retreat.” I have never been silent for 24 hour straight so this will be very interesting!

Fr. Frank Doyle, OSA, who is assisting in conducting our retreat, reflected with us that we have never been more prepared to enter into a retreat. He is right! In the last several weeks we have been exploring our experience of grief and loss, sexuality and affect, life changes and transitions, and learning to honor our feelings and dreams. Besides these topics we have been given three wonderful tools: journaling, the “enneagram” and weekly spiritual direction.

Please pray for me and my friends here at Sangre that the Lord will bless these next eight days of intense spiritual reflection and discovery. Please pray for our spiritual directors that the Lord will give them the grace to lead us through this wonderful opportunity to grow in our awareness of God’s great love and mercy.


I couldn’t leave you without sharing my third water color painting which is a study in the art of painting flowers.

My third “Water Color” Painting: “Dogwood” Flowers

My next blog will be published the evening of Palm Sunday!


2 Responses to “Eight Day Silent Retreat – Beginning March 23, 2007”

  1. Pattye Says:

    Dear Fr. John, I will be praying for you “in the Great Silence.” Peter and I recently went to NYC to view the 2-3 hour film “Into Great Silence” about the Carthusians in France. The whole movie was SILENT!!! no music, birds, etc. I pitied the people who brought popcorn into the theatre which was, by the way, packed!!!
    Peace my friend,

  2. Brendan Says:

    I think you’re onto something with the watercolors. I hope you’ll be able to continue painting after your sabbatical is finished. Been praying for you during your retreat, of course.

    Pace e bene~

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