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“Free Weekend” Trip to the Grand Canyon – April 13-15, 2007

April 21, 2007

Last weekend we were free to leave Sangre and visit any place of our choice. Fourteen of us decided to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona, an eight hour drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico. While on the way to the Canyon, we made several stops visting some exciting and beautiful places including the Painted Desert, the Puerco Ruins and the Petrified Forest.

Please enjoy the photos!

After arriving at the Painting Desert, we stopped at the “Welcome Center,” viewed a film about the area and now pose for a picture after having enjoyed some lunch before taking in the sights.

View of “The Painted Desert.”

The Painted Desert

The Painted Desert

Tee-Pee Formation of rocks in the Painted Desert (named this because the color lines remind one of a Tee-Pee)

The “Newspaper” Rock with Petrographs.

Close-up view of petrographs.

After millions of years a petrified tree trunk that was buried under rock sediment is exposed due to subsequent erosion.

Pausing for a photo by the trunk of a petrified tree.

Views of the Grand Canyon.




A section of the Colorado River which over millions of years carved the Grand Canyon.


Easter Sunday – April 8, 2007

April 8, 2007

A most Happy and Blessed Easter to Everyone!

“Retabla” Resurrection (Stations of the Cross, St. Francis of Assisi Basilica Cathedral, Santa Fe)

You might recall that last week we concluded our “Eight Day Silent Retreat” the evening before Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday we were free as nothing was scheduled that day at Sangre. Some of us went to a Beethoven Concert while others went to “Cities of Gold,” a local casino, for a meal. Well, while we were there we decided to try our luck at the slot machines. One of the other participants, whose initials are Tim Mulligan, gave me $5.00 telling me he was feeling lucky that day and asked if I would play a couple of games for him (while he went to the Beethoven Concert). Well, I was able to win $22.00 for him. I gave the money to Tim in an envelope with the words, “Behold, I am your faithful stewart. Master you gave me $5.00, see I have made you $17.00 more.” I guess this is taking the “Scriptures” out of context but it works for me. With my own $5.00 I was able to earn myself $15.00 more. Yes, it was a profitable Palm Sunday indeed! Spent $10.00 and came back with $42.00, not bad for a first timer.

Beethoven Concert Participants

Cities of Gold “Gamblers”

Earlier this week we visited Pecos National Park. This was originally a “pueblo” occupied by the Pecos Indians who eventually abandoned their home pueblo. I’d like to share some pictures I took at Pecos with some Native American Proverbs beneath them.

“When you have learned about love, you have learned about God.” (Fox)

“When you know a man, you know his face but not his heart.” (Seneca)

It is not good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace, and live in peace.” (Shenandoah)


Palm Sunday – April 1, 2007

April 2, 2007

On Saturday evening, March 31, our “Eight Day Silent Retreat” was brought to a conclusion with the celebration of the Vigil Mass of Palm Sunday. The retreat was a very powerful experience for me. It was only by going through the experience of silence for eight days that I came to realize how really conducive silence is for the interior work we were doing during the retreat.

I met with my spiritual director each day for a half hour to talk about what was going on in my life through my prayer. We reflected on the topics that I wrote about in my journal. I would say that this has been the finest retreat experience I have ever had. As I reflected last week, the work that went into the preparation for this retreat was really one of the main reasons why it was so successful for me and the rest of us. I was also blessed with a wonderful spiritual director, Br. Joseph Schmidt. Actually, there are four very fine spiritual directors on the staff at Sangre. We are blessed to have them working with us.

Earlier in the week we celebrated the Feast of the Annunciation. I would like to share with you the print and poem that decorated the front of the altar in our chapel.

The Annunciation by Henry Tanner

“On her bed of doubt
in wrinkled night garment,
She sat, glancing with fear
at the golden shaft of streaming light,
pondering perhaps, “Was this
but a sequel to a dream?”
This light too bright for disbelief,
yet its silence eased not her trembing.
Somehow she murmered a “YES”
And with that the light’s love and life
pierced her womb.
The room remained the same
-rug still needed smoothing,
-jug and paten awaited using.
Now all was different
In a maiden’s
soft but firm “FIAT.”
(Robert F. Morneau)

We were encouraged to spend soome time in doing some sort of artwork so I decided to create three additional “Ojos de Dios.” They are pictured below.

First “Ojo” using the colors of the altar cloth in our chapel

Second “Ojo”

Third “Ojo”

Here are some photos of the closing liturgy of the retreat: the Vigil of Palm Sunday.

Fr. Frank Dolye, OSA, opens our Palm Sunday Liturgy outside the main entrance to Sangre with the “Celebration of the Lord’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.”

The “Celebration of the Lord’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem” continues.

The Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Part of our Palm Sunday Environment.

As we enter Holy Week let me close with a beautiful print that I call “The Full Measure of God’s Love.”


I wish you all the blessings and graces of this week we call “Holy.”