Easter Sunday – April 8, 2007

A most Happy and Blessed Easter to Everyone!

“Retabla” Resurrection (Stations of the Cross, St. Francis of Assisi Basilica Cathedral, Santa Fe)

You might recall that last week we concluded our “Eight Day Silent Retreat” the evening before Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday we were free as nothing was scheduled that day at Sangre. Some of us went to a Beethoven Concert while others went to “Cities of Gold,” a local casino, for a meal. Well, while we were there we decided to try our luck at the slot machines. One of the other participants, whose initials are Tim Mulligan, gave me $5.00 telling me he was feeling lucky that day and asked if I would play a couple of games for him (while he went to the Beethoven Concert). Well, I was able to win $22.00 for him. I gave the money to Tim in an envelope with the words, “Behold, I am your faithful stewart. Master you gave me $5.00, see I have made you $17.00 more.” I guess this is taking the “Scriptures” out of context but it works for me. With my own $5.00 I was able to earn myself $15.00 more. Yes, it was a profitable Palm Sunday indeed! Spent $10.00 and came back with $42.00, not bad for a first timer.

Beethoven Concert Participants

Cities of Gold “Gamblers”

Earlier this week we visited Pecos National Park. This was originally a “pueblo” occupied by the Pecos Indians who eventually abandoned their home pueblo. I’d like to share some pictures I took at Pecos with some Native American Proverbs beneath them.

“When you have learned about love, you have learned about God.” (Fox)

“When you know a man, you know his face but not his heart.” (Seneca)

It is not good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace, and live in peace.” (Shenandoah)


“The smarter a man is the more he needs God to protect him from thinking he knows everything.” (Pima)

“Trouble no man about his religion-respect him in his views and demand that he respects yours.” (Shawnee)

On Good Friday, a number of us traveled near Chimayo to participate in the Good Friday Pilgrimage to “El Sanctuario.” Two of our participants walked from our house to Chimayo, approximately 25 miles. Fr. Tony Feeney and S. Anne Dixon began their trek from Sangre at 3:30 AM meeting the rest of us at Chimayo at about 10:45 AM. Some were dropped off at Sacred Heart Church to walk the 9 miles distance to “El Sanctuario.” The remainder were dropped off at the crossroad that was about a 2 1/2 mile walk to the shrine church. You might be wondering what I did! Well, I was one of the drivers and stayed with the vans while the others walked. Remember, he who waits also serves!

S. Pat George, S. Cheryl Marie Wagner, S. Madeleine Clayton, Br. Joseph Schmidt, S. Mary Geneva Bonhote and
S. Maribel Carceller begin their pilgrimage walk to “El Sanctuario.”

Fr. Ron MacDonell, Fr. Roland Bunda and Br. James Needham reach the 2 1/2 mile mark to “El Sanctuario.”

This morning, Easter Sunday, began with an Easter Egg Hunt. It was good to see that the “little child” still lives in each one of us. Later we celebrated the Eucharist followed by a festive meal. Here are some of the photos I took during these celebrations.

We gathered at the front door to receive instructions about the “hunt.”

Searching our Easter Eggs to see what we won inside.

Easter Sunday Liturgy:

Fr. Larry Brixius begins the liturgy with an instruction.

The “Asperges Rite” with the Renewal of Baptismal Promises after the homily.

We gather for dinner as Br. Dennis Galvin leads us in prayer.

(Photo by S. Mary Ryan)






Easter Butter was made in the shape of a cross and decorated to make it festive.

We cncluded our daylong celebration of Easter with the “Sangre Inaugural Easter Races.” It was a lot of fun. Several stuffed animals were used as our racing “horses” representing Australia and the United States. I invite you to view these wonderful pictures of adults at play.

S. Anne Dixon, assisted by S. Kathleen Sonnie, explains how the race works.

Everybody lines up to place our bets.

And the race is on!

And it’s a tie!!!!!

Next weekend is a free weekend and I will be traveling to the Grand Canyon with 14 others. I can’t wait to share those photos with you!


One Response to “Easter Sunday – April 8, 2007”

  1. Sabina Davis Says:

    Hi Father John,
    WOW! The pictures are beautiful & it looks like you’re really enjoying yourself & getting a lot out of this wonderful opportunity. I noticed that your cheeks are rosy, probably from the fresh air on that long drive to the pilgrimage. We miss you. Have fun!
    Love & Peace, Sabina

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